News and Updates
Welcome to JadeXCore. This site is a version of AdamXCore dedicated to The Jade.

Monday, 12 August:
Got permission from AdamXCore. JadeXCore has been unleashed on the world. This might be a little slow in the coming, but it'll get here, I promise. It's just that I'm quite tired today from working on the HTML for this page as well as my AFI page. My sincerest apologies; insomnia sucks. However, you may click here to see the agenda for the site, basically an overview of what's to come.

Sunday, 11 August:
Asked permission to start JadeXCore. Started HTML so there'd be something to put up tomorrow. At the moment, the only member of the Guiily Party is me, the webmaster. Although we share a name, please don't be confused as to who runs which XCore site. Croissant runs JadeXCore, and you may call me such.