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“ They were like, ‘Dudes, that's a badass jam.’ We were like, ‘Fuck it.’ They were like, ‘We're gonna cover that motherfucker.’” ~Jade, on Offspring covering Totalimmortal

Jade- Awwwww, man!!! Shit! I just dropped my favorite eyeliner!
Jade- I just dropped my favorite earplugs on the floor, too.
Interview dude- You have favorites?
Jade- Yeah, I just started using them like an hour ago, and I really liked them, so now they're my favorites.

"Even when I go see one of my favorite bands I start to get bored/tired/over it after an hour and a half. If they said, "Guess what! We'll be playing for 2 hours tonight!!", you'd see a Jade-shaped hole in the front door." -excerpted from one of Jade's posts on the Official AFI Message Board

"Davey doesn't watch the damn road when he's driving. I'm sure if we crashed he would be fine and I would be imbedded in a tree. If he ever kills me with his driving though, I'm gonna come back as a squirrel and run up his pant leg." -on other band members' annoying habits

Valentine: Who in AFI can bench the most ???
Jade: Probably me, I can bench 5 corn dogs.

"This is by far the best thread ever... Viva la Revolucion de JadexCore!!" -on page eighteen of the "Praise the Jade" thread on the board. He really does love us!

"Chrome Grovers are bitchin', I have them on a couple guitars. Almost as good as blue fuzzy Grovers." -on pickups

"I saw Billy Idol about 6 years ago getting out of limo and I yelled "Billy Idol!!" at him, in case maybe he forgot. He gave me a thumbs up."

"Yes, I'm a vegetarian, but not because I love animals, I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants."

"I must say, I'm very lucky...you guys are lovely." -the JadeXCore guestbook

"So...much...love....I just want to kiss every one of you." -the "Praise the Jade" thread on the board

"Gracias, el Presidente, me plazco validar este honor.

Viva La Revolucion de JadexCore!!!" -in the Q&A forum when Psycho asked what he and Adam thought about JadeXCore and AdamXCore

"I love your duck with all it's ducky goodness." -in the Q&A when Jenny told him that her duck loves him and asked if he loved it too. He does. Yay!

the Praise the Jade thread again (excerpt)
Jade:“900! Jeebus!!”
Erin:“yes, jade. we love you.”
Jade:“ok, 902”
Erin:“i beat ya to it, man.”
Jade:“It's because I went online with my Atari 2600, it's a bit slow”

“We'll be playing in Minnesota at the Mall of America, at the mini golf course...in the windmill.” –on whether they’ll play Minnesota or not

"Hmm, maybe instead of jumping off the drum riser you could just step carefully down of of it but make a crazy I'm-going-off-really-hard face while you're doing it so people think you're doing some insane stage move." -advice on jumping when the ceilings are low and you're tall

"And I will be your Guiding Light if you'll be my General Hospital." -on being asked to be someone's guiding light (it was a geetar question with an odd subject line)

Q:now that you guys probobly have some nice cash now would you ever ever ever buy a mansion? or stick with the midsized houses, like 20-30 thousand just asking and cars do you stick with the cool old cheapy's or go with the hummers?
Jade's Answer:I will be moving into my mansion as soon as I get back to Berkeley, it says Frigidaire on the side. It'll go well with my Porsche that says Safeway on it.

"I didn't get my membership stuff! Weak! I stole the patch and armband from Fritch, though, so in your face Fritch!!" -someone asked if they were in the DF.

"I remember Adam gave me this crappy piece of binder paper with a list of all these songs for me to learn and some had checks by them, some had stars, some were underlined but I already new how to play them so I threw that damn crappy crap-ass piece of dumb binder paper in the damn garbage." -on how long it took him to learn the pre-Jade-era AFI songs. I had to put this here as a good-natured poke at the ladies at AdamXCore.

Finally! The makeup tip I know some of you have been waiting for. Make note!
"I mainly use Lineur Intense by L'Oreal but I also use the MAC "Smolder" pencil as well as the liquid liner. The L'Oreal liquid is the best I've tried as far as color and smudging but if you've ever seen me after a show you know that I'm not immune to running eyeliner."

The secret to AFI's awesomeness according to the Jade:"It's all in the wrist."

Another board excerpt; Q&A

Triple_Zero:to the jademeister hello jade, i think you are good at playing the guitar. ok now for the questions: you use les pauls exclusively. any thoughts of recording certain parts using a different guitar? when you pick up your guitar what is usually the first thing you play? in an interview with AMZ, you said that you wrote 11 of the 13 songs on black sails, i was wondering which two you didnt thanks alot for being so coolio, my mom thinks youre handsome -Evan

Jade:Evan, I hope you're not going to have a problem with me being your new dad, I think we can make it work. There will be a few changes, however, like no more late nights out with the friends and would it kill you to take out the damn garbage once in a while?

Jade:Oh yeah, and using different guitars for different feels in a song is definitely cool. Fender guitars lend themselves well to clean tone parts, they have a nice sparkly yet warm tone that'll make you want to pee in the sink.

"...and we believe we have quite a bitchin' selection of songs, every one's a Lamborghini." --Jade

"I think it's more like songs remind me of times in my life when I wrote them. Like Malleus Maleficarum, because it was the first song I wrote for AFI, or Totalimmortal, I was about to go out and get a cup of coffee and for some reason I just picked up my guitar and the whole song came out in one shot. Or God Called In Sick Today, it reminds me of Davey and I laying around on my bed writing songs for Black Sails. Hope I answered your question..."

"Actually, I enjoy both Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pink Floyd. Don't they say Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd is the best album to make out to? Personally I think it's FsharpAsharpInfinity by Godspeed You Black Emperor."

"I think Tucson should armwrestle Phoenix and whoever wins, we'll play there." –on being asked to play Tucson instead of Phoenix.

"Yes, I have an iron cross on my arm. Yes, I got it when I was 17. Yes, I would change it to Taz in front of a weed leaf if I could. No, I'm not a Nazi."

"Can't the lemons and pancakes just get along?" –on the subject of lemons vs. pancakes

"So, what's the speed of dark anyway?"

More to come when the Croissant isn't half asleep at the keyboard flipping through interviews and other random files.