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Name: Abby Ferguson
Board Name: Abu
Location: Spokane, WA
Age (optional): 17
Email (necessary): abbrtd@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 051

Name: Mattt Hastie
Board Name: AnonymityRocker
Location: Bend, OR
Age (optional): 17
Email (necessary): threefingeredjack@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 052

Name: Danny
Board Name: Frank N Furter
Location: Manchester, UK
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.myredbullet.co.uk
Email (necessary): danny_heath86@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 053

Name: Darren
Board Name: xafixboyx
Location: orange county
Website (optional): http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/296/afterthought2.html
Email (necessary): Noodls4Prz@aol.com
Crew Member #: 054

name: lisa
board name:
location: ill-noize, where the chicago burbs start turnin' to farms
age: 23
email: sillygrrl_138@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 055

Name: melancholy3
Board Name: jaded
Location: canada
Email (necessary): pixiedust_99@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 056