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The Guilty Party

Name: Psycho
Board Name: MoRNiNGSTaR729
Job: President
Discovered The Jade: When I opened the inside sleeve of Black Sails.
Favourite Jade Album: Black Sails.
One Wish: To interview Jade.
Do the Sideburns 0wn You? Totally.
Further Comment: Jade is totally rockin' it. If I were older, I'd marry him. I wish I had his guitar skillz. And the pimpin' playah rocks it fo' lyfe.

Name: Croissant
Board Name: twilytgardnfaery
Job: Webmaster
Discovered The Jade: first contact was Black Sails in the Sunset
Favourite Jade Album: ooh, toughie... probably Black Sails
One Wish: To get guitar lessons from Jade
Do the Sideburns 0wn You? Hell yes. They own me and all of my future descendants (which probably won't exist, but oh well)
Further Comment: Jade should have a side-project. He needs to showcase some more of his mad skillz and do some singing in the foreground, not just backup.
Side projects: The Spring of Rage, Despair, and Hopelessness and This Twilyt Garden, among others.

Name: Chance
Board Name: gabriel
Job: Security and Miscellaneous
Discovered The Jade: from you ofcourse silly
Favourite Jade Album: im not one to pick favorites but im working on it
One Wish: um thats personal but ya you can figure it out
Do the Sideburns 0wn You? um, lemme think, uh... no
Further Comment: the party begins when the begining is the end
Webmaster's post script: Chance is the only male member of the JadeXCore Guilty Party, can you tell?