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I'd like to think most of what I'm about to type is common sense, but seeing some of the topics that come up on the official board, I have to do this.


~First and foremost, a little respect goes a long way. That means everyone; AFI, fellow members, and the Guilty Party.

~In The Jade's own words, "if you see someone who sucks because they're completely clueless then I feel that it's your duty to clue them in."

~No discussing the taboo subjects of AFI's personal lives on our board. This will result in immediate probation once one of us figures out how to work it. This means no discussing sexuality, addresses or any other aspects.

~Don't ask us about Jade. Like the AdamXCore wenches and Adam, WE DON'T KNOW HIM. Unfortunately.

~The two part Don't Bitch rule:
          -Don't complain about threads. Don't like it? Ignore it
          -Don't discuss/complain about what punk is, selling out, and other meaningless reasons to whine. Save it for the teen chat channels where someone might care.

    Prolems? If you're having problems with the board or signing up for JadeXCore, please contact the webmaster here. It may take a while, but your problem will be attended to as soon as possible.