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We really don't have any frequently asked questions, so we're just gonna wing it!

What in Bob's name possessed you to start JadeXCore?
Well, first off, being possessed had nothing to do with it. This will be better explained on the Story page, but for the sake of a quick answer, 3 main factors. Love of Jade, thinking AdamXCore was a great idea, and the Praise the Jade thread on the official AFI board.

Who's behind this masterpiece/terrible waste of webspace?
In what capacity? PASS!!!

How can I join?
Okay, we thought this was simple, but just in case someone can't make sense of it, click the link that says Join! on the 'theXclub' page, fill in the information and include your email address for the love of Bob! We can't very well contact you without an email address. We'll keep it private if you want, but we need it.

What does Jade think of all this?
He's flattered. Rather muchly, it appears. Go read the quotes page, there are a couple of references to JadeXCore there, and he signed our guestbook, too. He says we're lovely!

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