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This page is just a bunch of random facts about The Jade. If anyone's got something to contribute that you can verify, please send it to the webmaster here.

-he continues to roll tight like a perm
-he thinks the best album to make out to is "FsharpAsharpInfinity" by Godspeed You Black Emperor
-given the opportunity to relive a decade in the 20th century as a teenager, he'd relive the 80's so he could see Breakin' II Electric Boogaloo in the theatre again.
-his childhood nickname was Super Flying Turbo Ninja. His grandmother gave it to him. I wonder why...
-he has had loads of respect for Michael Jackson, and has loved his music since he was a little kid listening to Off the Wall.
-Apple pie reminds him of sex and death.
-As for favorite AFI songs to play, there's too many list, but he'd have to say Man in the Mirror and Dirty Diana are some of his favorites.
-Fact on the guitar break in The Last Kiss: He didn't use an effect on that part, he just turns off his neck pick-up and then he hammers-on the chords with his left hand while he turns the pick-up on and off rhythmically with his right.
-Fact on Jade’s computer effects: Live, he uses an external rack-mounted effects processor but for recording, he'll use his laptop to shape certain sounds, not just guitar, because there is far more latitude. He says Sound Forge and ACID are good editing programs but he has several different editing and sequencing programs which serve as platforms for his effects bundles. Which one he uses depends on what he's trying to accomplish.
-Fact, or so we think: Jade has reviewed Childlike Guillotine’s The Totally-Rad-Story-Dude on Fanfiction.net. You should too. http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=738441 He's believed to have said, “God damn it there needs to be a seqeul!” and also: “This story doesn't suck, I think it's one of the funniest things I've read on fan fiction. I take that back, it IS the funniest thing.” For real? We may never know.
-Jade loves Jenny's duck with all its ducky goodness.
-He is not a patty-cake whore. His words: “Just because I had a few meaningless one night pattycake encounters doesn't mean I'm a whore.”
-He has a little stuffed kitty named Spiffy, and apparently he also has some kind of power over Psycho's kitty, Noodles13.
-Jade is 6' tall.