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Name: Valerie Rezek
Board Name: pensiveparadox
Location: Torrance, CA
Age (optional): 15
Website (optional): http://www.xanga.com/pensiveparadox
Email (necessary): val.rezek@worldnet.att.net
Crew Member #: 76

Name: Brian Board Name: Babolins Location: Georgia Age (optional): 16 Email (necessary): FunHappyDeathBoy@aol.com Crew Member #: 77

Name: Lindsay
Board Name: hecate
Location: Rhode Island
Website (optional): http://www.deadjournal.com/~xnotxforeverx
Email (necessary): the_evil_scorpio@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 78

Name: Kelly
Board Name: *EveningStar*
Location: Reno, NV
Age (optional): 16
Email (necessary): Littledrummrgurl@aol.com
Crew Member #: 79

Name: Jasmine
Board Name: The Rice
Location: ca
Email (necessary): Darknesinlight9@aol.com
Crew Member #: 80

Name: Jessica
Board Name: The Drowning Man
Location: Phoenix, AZ.
Age: 18
Crew Member #: 81

Name: Eric Flaris
Board Name: AFireInsidePunkFan
Location: Munster,In
Age: 19
Email: XFaIIChiIdAFlX@cs.com
Crew Member #: 82

Name: Leanne
Board Name: *hope.unknown*
Location: ontario
Age (optional): 16
Email (necessary): never_die13@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 83

Name: danielle
Board Name: Ashes_Fall4
Location: pittsburgh
Email (necessary): Adorabledani@mailcity.com
Crew Member #: 84

Name: Kevin
Board Name: xtandxafix
Location: NJ
Crew Member #: 85

Name: Jacqueline Megaw
Board Name: anotherinnocentgirl
Location: Ontario Canada
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.itsmysite.com/myruin
Email (necessary): shesanti@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 86

Name: Caitlin Hall
Board Name: crazypunkgirl
Location: montana
Crew Member #: 87

Name: DANI
Board Name:ASHESFALL04
Location: PGH,PA
Age (optional): 15
Email (necessary): ASHESFALL04@MAILCITY.COM
Crew Member #: 88

Name: Christine Nguyen
Board Name: sleazykid
Location: San Jose, CA
Age (optional): 14
Email (necessary): christineanguyen@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 89

Name: dasha
Board Name: iron_chipmunk
Location: ipswich
Age (optional): 14
Website (optional): http://www.livejournal.com/users/shadows_smile/
Email (necessary): toasted__llama@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 90

Name: Erockia Ranjel
Board Name: mydestruction
Location: Irving Texas
Website (optional): http://www.melodramatic.com/users/punxunite
Email (necessary): half.emptybottle@verizon.net
Crew Member #: 87

Name: Zack Lewis
Board Name:zcat68
Location: Tiverton RI
Age (optional): 16
Name: Lorrin Friedkin
Board Name: Punkrockangel12
Location: Cotati, California
Email (necessary): Hockeygirl126@hotmail.com
Name: di
Board Name: sweet calamity
Location: pa
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.geocities.com/deepestend
Email (necessary): lostpast@so-lonely.com
Name: christine smith
Board Name: Growing_Wings
Location: england
Age (optional): 15
Email (necessary): F_R_E_a-K1@hotmail.com
Name: Sasha
Board Name: Waiting I Despair
Location: New Jersey
Name: kat
Board Name: gerling
Location: london, uk
Age (optional): 18