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Name: Abby Ferguson
Board Name: Abu
Location: Spokane, WA
Age (optional): 17
Email (necessary): abbrtd@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 051

Name: Mattt Hastie
Board Name: AnonymityRocker
Location: Bend, OR
Age (optional): 17
Email (necessary): threefingeredjack@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 052

Name: Danny
Board Name: Frank N Furter
Location: Manchester, UK
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.myredbullet.co.uk
Email (necessary): danny_heath86@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 053

Name: Darren
Board Name: xafixboyx
Location: orange county
Website (optional): http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/296/afterthought2.html
Email (necessary): Noodls4Prz@aol.com
Crew Member #: 054

name: lisa
board name: sillygrrl
location: ill-noize, where the chicago burbs start turnin' to farms
age: 23
email: sillygrrl_138@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 055

Name: melancholy3
Board Name: jaded
Location: canada
Email (necessary): pixiedust_99@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 056

Name: Colleen
Board Name: (none)
Location: Mississippi
Age (optional): 13
Email (necessary): Thenshewalked_away@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 057

Name: Rachael
Board Name: waxxbutterflies
Location: Southern California
Age (optional): 19
Email (necessary): xcrushedvelvetx@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 058

Name: Danny Bengston
Board Name: IchabodCrane
Location: Jupiter, FL
Age (optional): 14
Website (optional): www.thecorrupt.cjb.net
Email (necessary): questionxmark@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 059
Our sincerest apologies to Danny, his registration information was also lost in the early days of operation.

name: bam
board name: random hero
location: california
email: afireinside@deadman.com
Crew Member #: 060

Name: Megan Morgan
Board name: uselsspunkrocker
Location: Chicago, IL
Email (necessary): xtremechic42@worldnet.att.net
Crew Member #: 061

Name: Sarah
Board name: a ZIM inside xx
Location: California
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.deadjournal.com/~obeythefist
Email (necessary): seafoamgreen_nebula@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 062

Board name:Jess
Location:Odessa, Tx
Age (optional):23
Email (necessary): Getgrynched@aol.com
Crew Member #: 063

Name: Tara Pelsue
Board name: poisontears
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Age: 15
Email: sicknessundefined@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 064

Name: Nash Martin
Board name: hooligan928
Location: Greeley, Colorado
Age: 19
Email (necessary): hooligan928@aol.com or directsunlite928@aol.com
Crew Member #: 065

Name: Whitney Lawson
Board name: LunaRawk
Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Age (optional): 16
Email (necessary): AFIwhit@punkmusic.com
Crew Member #: 066

Board name:spoonerific
Location:west linn oregon
Age (optional):16
Email (necessary): spoonerific944@aol.com
Crew Member #: 067

Name:Andrew Bledsoe
Board name:TheNephilim
Age (optional):15
Crew Member #: 068

Name: Dustin White
Board name: Cureforpop
Location: Boise, Idaho "i know.. i'm super rad"
Age (optional): 15
Email (necessary): Cureforpop@davesmxpxpAge.zzn.com
Crew Member #: 069

Name:Aaron Breslow
Board name:blacksailsignite
Location:The Shitty Side of the Bay Area
Age (optional):14
Crew Member #: 070

Name: John
Board Name:TheMonster
Location: Leeds, England
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.geocites.com/icatola
Email (necessary): Batcore@aol.com
Crew Member #: 071

Name: Francis Ortega
Board Name:Aries
Location: South Central LA
Age (optional): 18
Email (necessary): mantarraya@aol.com
Crew Member #: 072

Name: Tamara
Board Name:yourmorningstar
Location: Central PA
Age (optional): 18
Website (optional): http://www.deadjournal.com/users/thisgirldesire
Email (necessary): thisgirldesire@pahardcore.com
Crew Member #: 073

Name: lisa
Board Name: spookycheese
Location: schaumburg, IL
Age (optional): 15
Email (necessary): lsimpson87@aol.com
Crew Member #: 074

Name: Phill Lancaster
Board Name: AFIcatharsis
Location: The Hampshire of New
Age (optional): 14
Email (necessary): AFIcatharsis@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 075