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Name: Jess
Board Name: J-J-Jessica
Location: Hawaii
Website (optional): http://www.allthatliesahead.cjb.net
Email (necessary): afiamjess@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 026

Name: Dustin
Board Name: thoughtriot2
Location: San Pedro, CA
Age (optional): 14
Website (optional): http://www.thoughtriot.tk
Email (necessary): thoughtriot@punkass.com
Crew Member #: 027

Name: Amber
Board Name: Derbyqueen
Location: SLC
Age (optional): 19
Email (necessary): adaswain@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 028

Name: Erin
Board Name: BlackenedSoul
Location: San Diego
Age (optional): 15
Website: http://www.geocities.com/adamxcore/
Email (required): deathlessnephilim@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 029
Note: Many apologies to Erin, her information was lost in a form glitch early on in the making of the site.

Name: Sarah Burns
Board Name: LostGirl66
Location: A David Lynch Film. (New Mexico, ahem)
Age (optional): 22
Website (optional): http://sparkless.net/sarah
Email (necessary): lostgirl66@aol.com
Crew Member #: 030

Name: KT.. If ya' need more, tell me. e.e;;
Board Name: PunkyChicken. Yes, it is the same as my name on the AFI board. If I used a different one, I would get all confused and stuff..
Location: At a computer that has a tendency to die. .. Again, if ya' need more, tell me. e.x;
Age (optional): 14. Yayness.
Website (optional): Don't have one.. Yet.
Crew Member #: 031

Board Name: Amber
Location: Atlanta, GA
Age (optional): 20
Website (optional): http://www.geocities.com/dirntygirl
Email (necessary): BSHooligan@aol.com
Crew Member #: 032

Name: Michelle
Board Name: MichelleABCgum (yeah I dont post that much but I had to join this :) )
Location: London
Website (optional): http://www.sweetcalamity.cjb.net
Email (necessary): antisupergirl@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 033

Name: Amanda Robins
Board Name: TellingOffer
Location: Berkeley, Ca
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.deadjournal.com/users/tellingoffer
Email (necessary): tellingoffer@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 034

Name: Michelle Kim
Board Name: stomping boots
Location: avon, ct
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.iforgotandhaventupdatedit!
Email (necessary): mtoto3ct@Hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 035

Name: caitlin
Board Name: smurfette
Location: e-ville, in
Age (optional): 15
Email (necessary): yoohoomaster@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 036

Name: shannon
Board Name: mestupbrat
Location: pittsburgh pa
Age (optional): 14
Email (necessary): sugarcrazy72@attbi.com
Crew Member #: 037

Name: Marcy
Board Name: JadesLady1
Location: Lynwood, California
Email (necessary): Offspring_Sublime_Chick1@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 038

Name: Lizz
Board Name: OverXxXExposed
Location: MD
Age (optional): 24
Crew Member #: 039

Name: victoria
Board Name: antsfire
Location: ohio
Website (optional): http://www.bcecp.8k.com/
Email (necessary): bug_svperstar@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 040

Name: Colette
Board Name: colly
Location: Cardiff, UK.
Age (optional): 16
Website (optional): http://www.vitriolic-twilight.tk
Email (necessary): colettetownend@yahoo.com
Crew Member #: 041

Name: Shelly Rodrigues
Board Name: Shelly
Location: North Bay CA
Email (necessary): shellyandnat@aol.com
Crew Member #: 042

Name: Tegan Luella
Board Name: Teg'n
Location: Sydney, Asretralia
Age (optional): 15
Email (necessary): like_a_virgin@bored.com
Crew Member #: 043

Name: Audrey
Board Name: Gnarly Sardines
Location: Moorpark, California
Age: 14
Email: jaynabayna@cs.com
Crew Member #: 044

Name: Molly
Board Name: Grapefruit
Location: Ohio
Age (optional): Stuck in the hell that is adolesence.
Website (optional): http://ujournal.org/~beautifulagony
Email (necessary): nightmarexx@aol.com
Crew Member #: 045

Name: SaRaH Strahl
Board Name: Spooky Faery
Location: Indiana
Age (optional): 21
Website (optional): http://www.livejournal.com/users/tuanda13
Crew Member #: 046

Name: John Stippell
Board Name: Xempty roomX
Location: Long Island, New York
Age (optional): 14
Website (optional): http://www.pth.moonfruit.com
Email (necessary): skateedge45@aol.com
Crew Member #: 047

Name: j.sh.
BoardName: XHammerX
Location: ca
Crew Member #: 048

Name: Mariah Thomas
Board Name: mahoodinator
Location: Kearney, MO
Email (necessary): TheBastardFish@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 049

Name: Travis Jones
Board Name: artxisxwar
Location: California
Email (necessary): mrbeefy_666@hotmail.com
Crew Member #: 050