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Name: Cece Carrigan (pathetic name- they wonder I turned out bad)
Board Name: holeinmyheart
Location: L.A., Hell-A, whatever
Age: Sour Sixteen
Website: http://www.geocities.com/stitchchic18/ it sucks... need to redo it all and update.
Email: stitchchic18 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Crew member #: 001

Name: Jenni
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Age (optional):14
Website (optional): http://www.silence-kills.tk
Email (necessary):oldscratch@snotrocket.org
Crew member #: 002

Board Name:rancidpunkafi35
Location: Florida
Age (optional): 14
Email (necessary): rrranciddd@yahoo.com
Crew member #: 003

Name: Sara
Board Name: Werecheetah
Location: CA
Age (optional): 15
Email (necessary): Moonovermarin986@aol.com
Crew member #: 004

Name: pepper
Board Name:untiethecows
Location: toronto, ontario
Age (optional):14
Email (necessary): fireyangel@kiwibox.com
Crew member #: 005

Name: Jessi Gantert
Board Name: zinger
Location: Reading Pennsylvania
Age (optional):16
Email (necessary): Miaka2o@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 006

Name: Colette Norman
Board Name: teenagedeathkid
Location: La Canada, CA
Age (optional): 14 Email (necessary): xrubyrubysohox@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 007

Name: Jenny Pickens
Board Name: I luv Mr.Toilet
Location: Gloucester, VA
Crew member #: 008

Name: Lindsey Best
Board Name: Child C 2017
Location: California
Age (optional): 14
Email (necessary): Quzet66@aol.com
Crew member #: 009

Name: kerry magerl
Board Name: sicksickworld
Location: fayetteville, ga
Age (optional): 16
Email (necessary): sicksicksickworld@yahoo.com
Crew member #: 010

Name: Billy Wichers
Board Name: Pagan_of_Doom
Location: Vegas
Age (optional): 14
Crew member #: 011

Name: Kyle
Board Name: -Nemesis-
Location: Santa Cruz
Email (necessary):toxicflea@yahoo.com
Crew member #: 012

Name: Dave
Board Name: Autumn's*Flame*
Location: somewhere near Boston
Age (optional): 18
Website (optional): http://autumnsflame74.tripod.com/hunterxcore/
Email (necessary): autumnsflame@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 013

Name: Nikki Psychobilly
Board Name:XxlostsoulxX
Location: red lion, pa
Website (optional): http://www.angelfire.com/punk3/thefireinside
Email (necessary): teenagedeathgrrrl@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 014

Name: sarah
Board Name: eternalrequiem
Location: la canada, ca
Age (optional): 13
Email (necessary): rancidrancidx@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 015

Name: Eddie G.
Board Name: oSiRuS
Location: California
Email (necessary): turtleboy_1000@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 016

Name: Sunny Holland
Board Name: BumbleBee
Location: Australia
Age (optional): 14
Email (necessary): im_a_bee@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 017

Name: Danny
Board Name: HongKongPhooey
Location: East Bay
Age (optional): 14
Website (optional): http://www.allhallows.tk
Email (necessary): TotalImmortal89@aol.com
Crew member #: 018

Name: The Playah 3
Board Name: errolhaday
Location: (not-so) maryland, usa
Website (optional): http://www.geocities.com/x_die_screaming
Email (necessary): autumns_flame@msn.com
Crew member #: 019

Name: Saturnine
Board Name: Faithless_zero
Location: Canada
Email (necessary): pandah_joe@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 020

Name: Amy Lowrey
Board Name: PugetsPunk
Location: Los Angeles, California
Age (optional): 19
Email (necessary): pugets_punk@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 021

Name: Brianna
Board Name: Brianna
Location: NJ
Age (optional): 15
Email (necessary): duct_tape_is_rad@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 022

Name: Andrew Hyland
Board Name: Andrewisyourhero
Location: Whitby, Ontario
Age (optional): 16
Crew member #: 023

Name: Stephanie
Board Name: Winter Fog
Location: IL
Age (optional): really old
Crew member #: 024

Name: Rei
Board Name: rei77
Location: austin
Email (necessary): Rini140@hotmail.com
Crew member #: 025