Temporary Navbar: The Jade - The Club - The Community - The Crew

Alright, here's what's to come on JadeXCore, as well as my notes from 3 o'clock in the morning on the 12th of August.

The layout and contents will be similar to those of the AdamXCore site, after all, we are sister sites (or brother sites, we haven't decided). We'll have pictures, quotes, random facts, etc, etc, etc. We'll also have a message board, but I don't intend to put that up until I've got a bit more of the site done. ::light dawns over marble head:: Ah, this may happen sooner than I thought. Anyway, this is my first time fighting with frames, and let me assure you I am fighting. Right now there's very little I'd like more than a good night's sleep. Back to the subject at hand, um, I have most of the graphical content of the site all set up and ready to use. All I have to do is master these damn frames. The site should be in its proper format by Wednesday afternoon at the latest. That does not, however, mean it will be complete. Just correctly formatted.

~JadeXCore shall be done in frames, none of this repeated navbar shit
~JadeXCore is affiliated with AdamXCore
~There will be three frames; a navbar, a main image, and one that changes.
-The Navbar must contain (well, probably):
:theXclub :theXlinks
-The main image will be an altered version of gorgeoussideshotjade (blkbkg)
~The background will be black, but where AdamXCore is red, JadeXCore will be hunter green (ironic, no?)
~Navbar shall either be plain text or similar to AdamXCore's; use Avalon Quest. Home